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Every year around 10 million individuals around the world suffer from  work-related stress, depression and / or anxiety...

Costing industries millions of revenues, time & the expense incurred on resultant health care issues.

  • Reduced work performance

  • Illness

  • Poor time keeping

  • General absenteeism

  • Increased staff turnover

The fact is that these numbers will rise exponentially due to job pressures, leading to devastating  effect on profit margins, not to mention morale. If stress remains undetected or is simply ignored, the problem will not  go away, it will simply spread, leading to unproductivity.

Highlights of our Corporate Session:

POSTURE CORRECTION – The Asanas helps the person to get the posture right which in turn helps in better focus and more energy.

BREATHING FOR CALMNESS – Pranayama, the breathing practices helps the person to keep the mind calm, increase functioning of the brain activities, and to keep the health up to mark.

STRETCHING FOR FLEXIBILITY – Stretching helps the person to keep the physical body relaxed and at ease, increases blood circulation and in turn makes them feel more active.

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